English Conversation Advanced (package 10 × 30 minutes sessions +1 free for)

The “English Conversation Advanced” course is designed for participants who already have a strong foundation in the English language and wish to enhance their conversational skills to an advanced level. In this course, participants engage in immersive and interactive activities that focus on fluency, comprehension, and expression in various real-life contexts.

Through a combination of guided discussions, debates, role-plays, and group activities, participants practice using idiomatic expressions, colloquialisms, and nuanced language structures commonly used in informal and formal settings. The course emphasizes active listening and effective communication strategies, allowing participants to engage confidently in discussions on complex topics, share opinions, and articulate ideas with clarity and precision.

Topics covered in the course include current events, cultural trends, business scenarios, academic discussions, and more, providing participants with a broad range of vocabulary and conversational strategies to navigate diverse social and professional interactions.

By the end of the course, participants will have developed the confidence and skills necessary to engage in advanced-level English conversations fluently, accurately, and effectively, facilitating greater intercultural communication and expanding their opportunities for personal and professional growth.


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