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Business agility fundamentals

The “Business Agility Fundamentals” course is a foundational program designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills to navigate and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. 

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Management 3.0 leadership

The Management 3.0 Leadership course is a comprehensive training program focused on developing effective leadership skills in modern organizations.

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Design Thinking foundation

The “Design Thinking Foundation” course is an introductory program aimed at providing participants with a fundamental understanding of the principles and methods of Design Thinking.


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Management 3.0 foundation

The Management 3.0 Foundation course is a training program designed to introduce participants to the key principles and practices of Management 3.0.
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Management 3.0 scrum

The Management 3.0 Scrum course is a specialized training program that combines the principles of Management 3.0 with the Scrum framework.



Interested in enterprise level coaching?



Qi Gu

Continuous Improvement Manager @Shell

If you are looking for a coach to help you on product development & delivery with Agile ways, if you are going to develop you own coaching skill, Coach Neno -read more


Jiri Forman

Tech teams lead / Tech PO / Program manager @ CETIN

Neno acted as a Lead Transformation coach during his assignment in China, helping to kick-start the agile transformation of the Home Credit -read more

Jerónimo Vargas

Chief Technology Officer @ SkyTel

Nenad stands out as an exceptional coach, who combines his vast experience and natural talent to help people achieve their-read more

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